Tenerife Scooter Tours Number Three

by Kevin
kevin lear scooter tours tenerife

Breakfast, scooters and we are off.

You will be thinking you’ve seen it all but, what is in store, takes your adventure to another level. How can anywhere in the world be so spectacular?

We climb up from Santa Cruz into the mountains where the rugged mountainsides start to get close as if giving you a cuddle. Dinosaurs rest amongst the trees and nest on the mountainsides (or you will think they do).

We stop to allow you to look back from where we have climbed and it is breathtaking. Once close to the top we turn right and go through a short tunnel and on exiting you have now entered heaven. We drop down into the village next to the sea to witness scenery so dramatic and spectacular you will want to stay forever.

We have lunch and climb back the way we have come (It is the only way) and we turn right to climb even higher and we will arrive and location from which one side of the road you see the north of the island and the other side the south.

From here we drop down through one of the oldest forests in the world and head our way to………..