Motorbike Tours Rajasthan Day Six

by Kevin
motorbike tours rajasthan

After spending a splendid night at Kumbhalgarh, with me falling ‘instantly’ in love with a stunning Indian beauty, we are heading to Devigarh Hotel, which is around 90km away and only 20km away from Udaipur, but first….

We went back up to the fort for another photo opportunity before shooting off into the wilderness along roads that made sure you were awake from the vibrations sending your eyeballs shooting off in every direction.

Along the way we pulled into a small village where I chose to take a walk around with Digvijay, so he could translate……it was something I’d wanted to do for days now to walk around one of the villages to get to understand a bit more about the culture.

I was amazed that out of, say, 2 dozen shop type outlets 9 of them were selling the same crisps, but not only selling the same crisps – having exactly the same display outside of their shop – now surely how did they all sell crisps when there just weren’t many people around – maybe it was for tourists passing through.