Motorbike Tours Rajasthan Day Seven

by Kevin
motorbike tours rajasthan

Day Seven and our day of rest, where we will be going into Udaipur “The Venice of the East” to discover & explore what this amazing city had to offer us, where getting lost in a palace wasn’t on the agenda!

So off we trolled, with me in my black jogging bottoms (jogging ha ha ha), polo shirt and my FORMA adventure boots with my bottoms tucked inside – let me tell you, the number of comments I had about “WOW” great looking boots. (it really is tough being famous ha ha ha)

Anyway we made our way into the city, deposited next to a museum of cars – if only we’d known that what they meant was a couple of garages housing a couple of cars then maybe we might not have gone inside, but we live and learn.

Then it was off to the palace, where, not for the first time, brown people get in cheaper than the white man, PLUS you also have to pay if you are taking a camera inside – talk about milking it !!!!!!