Motorbike Tour Rajasthan Final Day

by Kevin
motorbike tours rajasthan

NOW, have you ever had that feeling you’ve seen things before. I had that very feeling with this temple, because as soon as I saw it I knew I’d seen it before, it was right outside the hotel gates, leaving me gobsmacked – totally and utterly gobsmacked.

We had a very hearty breakfast, where I even had cornflakes, omelette, along with lashings of coffee, for today was the start of the last day.

I can’t recall the last time I felt as sad as I was feeling right now…….(blimey, even writing this part of the story has me emotional) So leg over my Ducati, and off for the last day, to experience ridding my bike in traffic that was out to kill me, how I survived I will never know, but first let’s head our way towards the TRAFFIC FROM HELL in Jaipur………