MotorBike Tour Rajasthan Day Three

by Kevin
motorbike tour rajasthan

Day Three Continues…….a short day travelling to Manvar Desert Camp…..a desert camp eh, oh well I guess I’m looking forward to seeing Cobra’s, Scorpions, and maybe the odd Camel sharing my bed!!

Having been on the phone to a consultant from Delhi, (arranged by BB because I didn’t trust the wazzack that asked me if I understood English last night), to check out my medication, I was informed that I did, in fact, have the correct medication, so that was a relief. Not the only relief I can tell you, as the night had been uneventful regarding my bag and belly, thank the lord.

However this was going to be day 2 in the support vehicle, under doctors orders to rest another 3 days…..that ain’t happening I thought, not another 3 days!

So we started slightly late due to the wheel issue the night before and also my tum tum troubles, along with placing the bikes out in front of the hotel for photo opportunities by everyone……

This day was all about really taking our time, enjoying the ride, and trying to find some sand dunes to have some fun.

Also, now in the car was Digvijay due to being a bike down having had Shumi wreck one of the bikes by not looking where he was going in the dark! (note to Schumi, eat more carrots)

So desert camp here we come, however, I now had two guides in the support car telling me all sorts of stories along the route – now one of the things which I was getting somewhat impressed by was the driver of the car, why?, I hear you ask, allow me to explain……