Motorbike Tour Rajasthan Day One

by Kevin
motorbike tour rajasthan

Here I was about to ride on a road called the National Highway, where the death rate on this stretch of road made it the highest death rate IN THE WORLD!

THEN………..oh boy then………

Set off across the car park and down a short exit road to a crossroads with ‘things’ coming left, right, straight on with looks on their faces ‘lets kill the white man’. Even though they couldn’t see the colour of my skin. I was wearing full HELD riding gear and black visor down. BB set off and bless him did look back to see where I was and I am sure to make sure I was following. We exit from Pllazio Hotel and OH MY GOD……

Here is the situation; I had 2 choices, it was either ride as I do in Britain, defensively and get killed or ride like I am in the film ‘Mad Max’ and beat them at their own game. Luckily I chose the 2nd option as I found myself shooting down a road overtaking traffic on left twisting open the throttle and heading straight for a tree growing in the middle of the road, swerving to miss that and discovered by saying to myself “hang on 

just a minute this bike is very powerful and can leave other vehicles behind in ‘my’ cloud of dust”. A smile returned to my face and very quickly I relaxed that it wasn’t all that bad – well when I say was not that bad what I was to witness soon made my arse start to chew the seat. The roads just end and become dust-covered rocks, or there are potholes big enough to swallow the moon along with repairs being done by people in normal clothes and the only warning is a brick in the road just before them or may some twigs…….honestly it’s bloody fabulous.