MotorBike Tour Rajasthan Day Four

by Kevin
motorbike tour rajasthan

We awoke to the wonderful setting on the desert camp, had a shower in the make-believe bathroom area (bloody bush indeed!) and I place the spare soaps into my rucksack, just as a souvenir you understand (not the first place to gift me soaps either hee hee) 

I had a great breakfast of CURD (a gorgeous very basic yoghurt type product that I wish I could get in England), along with toast and some scrambled egg.

The reason I’m not riding today is the last 2 days had really taken it out of me so I was feeling a bit weak (wimp…..I know).

Our aim today was to get down to Jodhpur and explore this fort ‘thingy’ and surrounding town, as there wasn’t a great deal to do on the way plus it was only 109km away.

The support vehicle was packed with me inside and off we went. We stopped a couple of times along the way for drinks but to all purposes, we reached the outskirts of Jodhpur and the traffic began.

It is quite apparent that whilst there are rules on how to drive in India, nobody takes a blind bit of notice as there are 1.4 BILLION people and I guess around 7 policemen, so if you get caught then the gods have wished it upon you.