Motorbike Tour Rajasthan Day Five

by Kevin
motorbike tours rajasthan

After 3 days of sitting in the support car, I was back to having 800cc of fun positioned nicely between my legs so let’s doooooooo IT.

Today we are heading into the mountains of Kumbalgarh, where along the way we will see one of the riders nearly get knocked off his bike in Jodhpur centre, visit the most magical marble temple, and discover red arse monkeys on the side of the road.

We started our journey heading into the middle of Jodhpur where the traffic was on a collision course from the left, right, straight in front and no doubt behind you, to the point where Parakram was nearly taken out by a bike coming from his right, that he just managed to swerve and avoid.

The journey was taking us to Kumbalgarh, a destination up the mountains where we would once again see green ‘life’ on trees and be screamed at from the monkeys lining the road. 

The route wasn’t going to be that long, only around 200km, BUT the roads were to make up for this……

well, when I say roads……!!!

We managed to get onto the highway which could take us more or less straight to our destination, but that would be boring wouldn’t it boys and girls, we’d rather go on the road less traveled making heads vibrate for hours on end to the point where seeing straight ahead was to become a national sport……yes that would be so much more fun !