Motorbike Tour Rajasthan Day Eight

by Kevin
motorbike tours rajasthan

I have often been in situations where I have enjoyed my surroundings so much I have been sad to leave, but cannot recall wanting to stay somewhere so much as this Devigarh Hotel. It was simple pure unadulterated luxury, with a young man who served us during our stay having a permanent smile on his face making it an absolute pleasure to have experienced…….but onwards we must go……..

On the bikes, after another photo opportunity, and onwards to Nimaaj, which wasn’t very far away at all really only 240km. 

That isn’t the whole story, it’s not that far away unless of course, you go off-road, ride through talcum powder gorges, having one of the team fall off and refuse to ride the bike any further, there’s a clue!

So let the story begin – as we left the hotel riding through the gates, giving you a feeling of being John Wayne riding out of the fort to go and fight the Red Indians, we headed for the National Highway.

We hit the highway without much trouble and blasted our way, enjoying riding faster than we had for a few days overtaking trucks, tractors, buses and cows on the right, left, underneath, and if we could I’m sure we would have ridden over the top of them too…….

THEN, from out of nowhere……….you get sleeping policeman, 10 in a row, going across the road for no reason whatsoever, unless you see them, you get quite an interesting surprise where your bum chews onto the seat, your hands grip the handlebars and before you know it you’re being launched into the air, to the sounds of F$%^** HELL………