Hadrian’s Wall Motorbike Tour Stage 2

by Kevin
hadrians wall motorbike tour northumberland

One of the things you will notice straight away is we are now heading into the countryside that will have you gasping for breath, with trees in their little gatherings like children in a playground, surrounded by open fields for them to play in.

We are now heading into an area that has ‘vast’ expanses of nothingness, well, nothing except the stunning surroundings you are riding through.

The road is superb to ride on with so little traffic; it is a splendid experience and by taking your time to soak up these surroundings it also gives you time to have your eyes making memories to last a lifetime.

As soon as we crest the brow of the hill, which is not that far after starting this stage, you will get a glimpse of our destination towards Kielder Water, which has a tale to tell, involving in a small way, me!

At our first T junction turn left and keep riding…….

You may find yourself lucky indeed to come across a magnificent bird of prey just sitting on top of the stone walls next to the road, just as I experienced. However, by the time I had realised and stopped the bird had flown off. No doubt in its search for a juicy rabbit, or two.

Eventually, we reach the outskirts of Kielder Water & Forest and the sight that rushes towards you might just take you by surprise as this ‘vista’ opens up before your very eyes. This vast expanse of Kielder water…….and it is here that a tale of years gone by unfolds.