Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT Review

by Kevin
Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT review Kevin Lear

For a few years I have felt adventures are something I love to do, and around the world isn’t for me due to medical BOLLOCKS 

Riding an ‘adventure’ style bike wasn’t something I thought would be for me as my shoulders wouldn’t be able to cope with the riding position all day 

Had TIGGER (Triumph Tiger 1200XRT) for a week now and done around 800 miles filming all around Cumbria up hill, down dale, through valleys and over some passes that would make your eyeballs itch I rode in the rain up the M6 at 70 (ish, and a bit more ish) MPH and felt so safe, so, so safe, TIGGER can do it ALL, and then want to do more, like a best pal whispering in your ear “don’t you dare give up” TIGGER is the friend who, when you say I am too tired, I am worn out, taps you on the shoulder smiling and says…… “come on my pal, just a bit further, you know you want to, don’t worry I will look after you” 

I have absolutely fallen in love with her, so much so I just want to keep riding, filming, storytelling and taking pics all over the UK and Europe – along with wearing my Held Rider Equipment it is a bloody marvelous combination It has given me a new lease of life and gives me dreams I had given up on I have never had a motorbike so easy to ride, that sounds soooooooo meaty, that can cope with everything so easily I’m sure it could reach the top of Everest smiling and then want to do more 

God damn I am going to miss this machine I really am This week I have felt as if I could go around the world, then to the moon and after that discover new life on a distant planet TIGGER has changed my outlook on motorbike adventures 

Never thought I would feel this way, never in a million years……..

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