Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Review

by Kevin
honda africa twin adventure sports DCT review

Let the story begin……. 

Are you sitting comfortably? 

How can I possibly compare the Triumph Tiger 1200XRT against the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport! 

One was created to be a smooth operator that will cuddle you all day long, relaxed and laid back. It has everything you could possibly want at the touch of a button with the pedigree of a thoroughbred racehorse. It will whisper in your ear as an arm is put around your shoulder…….” come on, don’t be scared, I will take care of you at every turn” making you feel warm all over and ready to take on the world in pure safety. 

The other was not created by man, it was forged from a block of pure granite. Its engine does not work from pistons but from two blacksmith anvils, on top of which a blacksmith with the largest hammers bashes the hell out of them creating thunder as lightning is thrust from the exhaust. This bike does not cuddle you or bring you a cup of cocoa before bedtime. 

This bike whispers in your ear “I am the devil, shall we dance” and then shouts at you “COME ON, WE’VE GOT WALLS TO KNOCK DOWN” as it grabs you by the dangly bits making your eyes water. 

One bike will make you feel safe and secure, the other will have your arse chewing the seat as it explodes down the road. 

One bike is Chicken Madras, whilst the other is Beef Vindaloo with extra LOO. One bike sounds like a throaty Tiger burbling along pleasing everyone it passes. 

The other sounds like a very angry Tyrannosaurus Rex as it roars down the road making everyone turn and stare in pure amazement that such a thing exists. 

For now, I will say it depends on what you are looking for. 

Are you looking for a cuddle or do you like dancing in the rain?