Incredible Tenerife Adventures by Super Scooter

by Kevin
kevin lear scooter tours tenerife

Super Scooter Adventures Tenerife ~ is a ‘fully guided’ and supported package of adventure tours around this stunning Canary Island.

These adventure tours will take you back to a time when riding a scooter was so much fun, you smiled that much your cheeks hurt………but, these super scooters will take you to another level.

At Super Scooter Adventures Tenerife ~ you will experience adventures that even your imagination has not imagined ‘yet’. From seeing landscapes where you are waiting to see dinosaurs appear and to be so high you think god will appear, plus testing your skills around bends that only exist in Tenerife.

You will eat food so nice you won’t want to leave, feel sunshine making you want to move here and to ride roads so smooth you will think a master cake maker had laid them. Not only this but you will see, experience and feel so many different things you will wonder how we have managed to fit them all into a week.

Your transport will be a ‘super scooter’ that will make you want to buy one when you get back home. Your mouth will fall open from the views, your eyes will be taken hostage around every corner and your imagination will start to run into overdrive.

All of this under a blanket of gorgeous blue sky, wrapped in a cuddle of blue ocean that stretches to the horizon. Super Scooter Adventures Tenerife ‘is an absolute must do’

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