Emotional Cyprus After 38 Years…….

by Kevin
motorbike tours cyprus

I came to Cyprus for one very specific reason and that was to film and produce a story about motorbike tours of Cyprus. However, there was another agenda……. 

The other agenda was to locate 2 military camps I had been to in October 1980, March and October 1981, and today was that day. 

Travelling on my Yamaha XT600R along the coast road from Paphos to Limassol I was hoping to come across an area called Episkopi, because I was sure that was the name of the area a military base was. The road along the coastline started to take on a look that was recognisable, with cliffs disappearing into the gorgeous blue sea. Then having nearly missed the dead end sign and turning sharply to the right a sign came into view. The sign read Kyrenia Beach Bar. Call me a stupid sentimental old fool but at 60 years of age it was as if my story had come full circle. 

Yes I stayed in the REME for a further 8 years after this but nothing, absolutely nothing, held as much emotion for me as Kyrenia Beach Bar, and here I was again….. 

I ended up sobbing so much my throat hurt – the emotion took me totally by surprise – where had the 38 years gone but in the blink of an eye…….

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